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Fabric Woven Wristbands

Dsc_0605b Dsc_0636b Textiel geweven met nummering Textiel polsbandje Textile woven tube closure Closure textile woven wristbands (1)
  • High quality alternative for access control
  • Woven in up to 8 colours
  • Sequential numbering available
  • Ideal marketing tool as worn long after the event
  • Available within 2 weeks
  • Colourful closures available

The Fabric Woven Wristbands are tightly woven using top quality polyester yarn to afford creating a strong, comfortable band to wear. Choose up to 8 colours of thread per design at no extra cost. You can add gold/silver lurex and UV threads as well as laser cut sequential numbering as optional extras.

Always working to extend our capabilities to meet customers' requirements, the Team at Orakel have developed a technique which makes possible to take some or all of the 8 colours of weave in their Fabric Woven Bands and effect gradients andshadowing so that the colours blend into one another seamlessly. Let us see your artwork so that we can be sure that the finished results meet with your expectations.

We offer 3 different closures for one-off use:

  • Metal closure (crimp gun required)
  • Plastic tube fastener in different colours
  • Plastic snap fastener 

The metal closure is seen as the standard closure for Fabric Wristbands and closes with the aid of a crimp gun. The increasingly popular plastic tube fastener with barbs inside the closure, only permits one way movement therefore increases the speed of entry. The plastic snap fastener is similar in style to that of the vinyl wristband where strap holes ensure a custom fit.

These closures are intended for one-off use and cannot be reused without damage to the band. This ensures a powerful security tool to help guard against fraud at your event.

Our Fabric Woven Wristbands are also available with the reusable metal bead closure for repeated use.

The reusable bead closure consists of a metal pearl that you can slide easily back and forth, thus intended for multiple use. 

Orakel's Fabric Woven Wristbands are OEKO-TEX certified. Since 1992, the OEKO-TEX 100 standard has emerged as the international safety standard for all fabrics.

Order these wristbands now through our webshop or via email: [email protected].

QuantityPlastic Tube
or Metal Crimp
Plastic Snap
Fastener/Bead Closure 
200 - 499 € 0,500 € 0,710
500 - 999 € 0,330 € 0,590
1.000 - 2.499 € 0,260 € 0,367
2.500 - 4.999 € 0,230 € 0,342
5.000 - 7.499 € 0,210 € 0,333
7.500 - 9.999 € 0,200 € 0,324
10.000 - 19.999 € 0,180 € 0,308
20.000 - 24.999 € 0,170 € 0,283
25.000 - 49.999 € 0,165 € 0,255
50.000 - 99.999 € 0,160 € 0,233
100.000 - 249.999 € 0,130 € 0,190
250.000 + € 0,120 € 0,175



Set up cost per design € 30
Colour change € 15
20 mm width + € 0,014/pc.
Sequential numbering + € 0,03/pc.
Lurex text and/or logo per colour (metallic thread) + € 0,017/pc.
Lurex background per colour (metallic thread) + € 0,035/pc.
Neon/UV text and/or logo per colour + € 0,017/pc.
Neon/UV background per colour + € 0,030/pc.


Metal, plastic tube closure or pearl closure: 1,5 x 35 cm 
Plastic snap fastener: 1,5 x 26 cm
Option: 2 x 35 cm 



  • Prices in euro, excluding carriage and VAT
  • Delivery: approximately 2 weeks after artwork has been approved. For urgent orders please enquire.

Crimp Gun: €29 each excluding carriage and VAT. textiel.jpg?1428566628


We have hundreds of coloured threads and can therefore represent your graphics to a very high quality. Please note: our prices include up to 8 colours. If you want additional colours or lurex threads, please enquire.



Before we start the manufacturing process, we will send a print proof for you to amend or approve. Please provide us with your graphics/text in an Adobe Illustrator Vector File or in a high resolution PDF


  • Wristbands with metal, plastic tube or bead closure: 1,5cm x 35cm
  • Wristbands with plastic snap fastener: 1,5cm x 26cm (including 12cm with strap holes)
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